You are the problem… and the solution

I was engaged in an interesting chat on Twitter today where we talked about CREATIVITY. Great topic and an area I really love, mostly because I kinda think of myself as being creative, or at least I am able to share in creativity. The conversation veered, as they so often do it seems, into what the barriers are to creativity. Try as I might to explain this to others the simplest way to put it is that ‘you’ are the mostly likely barrier to creativity. No, not just you, but we, ourselves, us, the individual.

Let me rewind slightly before everyone gives up on me. Let me put this in my perspective. I think I’m a pretty positive person. I can find inspiration and draw creativity from most situations; from sitting on my own with little interaction, to Twitter chats, to meeting with others or just looking at things. Some of my best thinking comes in crowded places either because or in spite of those around me. On the flip side, the times when I’ve not been able to think this way have been as equally varied. I’ve seen some amazing things in this world and drawn very little from them. The difference is me. My reaction, my mood, my frame of mind, dare I say my attitude.

So when I say you, I mean me. Well, I mean you when talking about you and me when talking about myself. Glad that clears that up. We are responsible for our own creativity and inspiration, that’s what I mean. I’ve heard people express that it’s negative people, it’s conflict, it’s disturbance, policy and procedures. Fact is, it isn’t actually. It’s you, or more specifically it’s the way that you react and the way it makes you feel that’s creating the barrier.

So how does that help? It does really, because the solution is the same. I don’t mean the same in terms of the fact that the solution is defined in the same convoluted way, just that you are the solution too. The beauty of realising it’s you is that you automatically have the power to fix it without relying on others. You may be the problem but you ARE the solution. Call it the power of positive thinking, or maybe it’s some deeper psychological thing that I’m too lazy to go and read about and reference, but the solution lies literally within yourself.

Now the key is how do I unlock my own inspiration? It’s about working on the state of mind that knocks you off the way you want to be and tapping into the way you want to be. The only difficult thing here is that I can’t tell you exactly what that is; because it belongs solely to you. What I can tell you though is that you can’t control anyone else (and if you can, you probably shouldn’t be) but you can learn to control yourself. Invest your time in changing your reaction to stressful and disturbing things and turning them into the very inspiration that they were blocking for you.

Sound easy? I’m not sure it is actually, but here we go:

You are the solution. Unless you’re the problem, in which case, you are the solution.

Isn’t it great to know the solution lies with you?