Sharing tips with a working professional and exploring the life of purpose of your network.

Professional Networking

I am here to introduce you with some important tips that will help you to maximize your career and explore the life of purpose. According to a famous saying by Ray Simard “When you need a professional advice get it from professionals not from your friend”. I believe to contact someone professional from the same field while exploring the life of purpose is helpful.

I got an access to one of my university Associate Professor who have a working experience of eighteen years in the field that we both have in common. I share some tips of maximizing career such as :

Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss

Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically

Join a professional body and build your network

Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily.

After sharing these tips I discussed each tip briefly and he gave me suggestions and shared his thoughts on how to do work in professional life. During my meeting with mentor, I asked some questions as how was his experience in this field. What sacrifices he had to give to reach at this point. He is so kind and affectionate with students. So, he told me everything wholeheartedly. He gave me some beautiful pieces of advices like never run for the success, always struggle to achieve your goals because when when you are in a race to become successful then failure gives you more pain. Always participate to bring improvement in yourself and do your best as success or failure depends on luck too. As we both belong to same field. So, I talked about my struggle for getting job. He helped me and shared some links too. After this wonderful meeting I thank him for the precious time he had given to me and also send him a thank you email.


Nothing is useless in the world. Everyone has life purpose. Almighty Allah has created all of us to serve humanity and worship Him. However in our lives we set different goals and struggle hard to achieve them. If a person set their targets and goals then he becomes passionate to achieve this target. These goals are mostly the purpose of life. My purpose of life is to serve my nation by doing research for man welfare. However as for concern project activity, I asked my friends and knew about their life purpose. Different answer came back. One of my friend said that after graduation I want to do lecturership in a college.

Another friend said, I want to be a biotechnologist in a food and beverage industry. I asked her which industry you like the most. She replied, Nestle as it is quite closer to Lahore city and have well reputation.

Another friend of mine said after completing her graduation, she want to join an NGO to serve humanity.

I also asked the same question to my best friend. She said she want to join a research organization like PAEC, PCSIR, and PF.

Result is that everyone has different purpose of life.But every one try to excel in his field. I think that’s good. Most of my friends life purpose is to serve the humanity.

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