The interested challenge

This challenge as per I perceived after reading a chapter from Dale Carnegie’s book is about judging people emotions when you show that you are interested in them. The most fascinating thing that gripped my attention was “if you like people, people will like you”. It is simple mutual relation that how you behave others, they will respond the same as in case of Newton third law of motion “every action has an equal but opposite reaction”. Once the author said that you can make more friends in just two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. Everyone wants attention, worth, and love. People who are interested in others are most likely to be valued by them rather than those who want to be interesting for others. If you expressed people by your words and actions that you are interested in them, you will definitely win their hearts. Everyone is busy now days and for the sake of mind relaxation they need someone who listens to them, and can give precious time too. Anyone become happy when someone points out an interested thing in an encouraging way.

I took the interesting challenge to approach my college friends and showed interest in them. They were very happy to talk to me after such a long period of time. At college time I was a bad listener and much talkative so, when I was listening to them they were surprised and pull my leg too. Humorous it was. But I asked them about what is going on in their lives, their goals they set at college times, what challenges they faced in life? Everything I asked to them made them happier and realized them that I care about them. By being interested in them you win them. You win their hearts. In fact you win a true relation. The lesson I concluded from this challenge is that sometimes people around you demands nothing but just your interest in them to avoid feeling of frustration and loneliness. You have to come out of your shell to win people hearts. To make them feel special; made you feel special too.

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