Anxiety Overload

When it was the first three weeks of the semester, I was going through so much drama regarding my past relationship, my friends, and my courses. I was going through so many situations and worries, I got myself into something I would call an “Anxiety Overload.” An Anxiety Overload is when I go through so many situations or worries, my emotional and physical self becomes strongly affected. The one question you must me asking yourself is “How is Anxiety affecting this person physically?” Let me explain.

When I feel like I’m going through so much anxiety, my hunger gets strongly affected. I wouldn’t eat as much as I would, therefore I would lose weight at a fast pace (since I’m a very active person). Another way I’m physically affected is my body would feel the chills non-stop. There would be times when people would see me wear a sweater or a long sleeve shirt in 80-degree weather.

When it comes to the emotional part, there are a lot of things I would say to explain this. Just like Anxiety, I would go through constant worrying about what could go wrong. There would be days my anxiety would be low and I could go through my day, or there would be days where my anxiety would make me want to stay in my dorm all day alone. There would be times where I would have anxiety attacks and I would need someone to speak to you regarding everything. My heart would be beating at a very fast pace, as if I was on a roller coaster. I would be breathing the entire time from my mouth, as if my nose didn’t work anymore.

This “Anxiety Overload” would never go away and would stay inside of me 24/7. It’s gotten to the point where I have gone to my college’s counselor’s for help and assistance. I’ve tried reaching my friends on-campus for advice, but getting one’s attention is like pulling a needle from a haystack (which I will explain later). The only thing that has really been a huge help for me would be meditation. I would try and meditate every time I would feel my anxiety levels rising up. My campus provides a program where they do meditation every week. I would go there every meeting to get some of the anxiety away from me and attempt to focus on my inner-self. The last thing I would do to relieve some stress or anxiety is going to my “secret spot.” My Secret Spot is in the outskirts of my campus near the athletic fields. I would go to this spot most of the time if I felt like I needed to take a long walk to relax myself or when my anxiety was very high. I would relax and meditate at this spot to have the stress and anxiety wonder away from me. The doors would always be open for me at this spot (hint).

It’s almost the first month since the first week of classes and so much drama has happened to make me go through an Anxiety Overload. My mind will take me down many paths to overcome this Anxiety Overload, but they always lead me back to the beginning where it all started.