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We consistently deliver the highest quality gear in the industry, so you can rest assured that an optic from us is the best that it can be. Our site is loaded with current helpful information on night vision Multipurpose Viewers, goggles, binoculars, and monoculars, as well as thermal optics and accessories. So take your time and check out our best selling sections and our education center, you just won’t find another site this complete and helpful. If you feel more comfortable speaking to someone about your equipment needs feel free to give us a call.

Gen 4 Night Vision

Gen 4 night vision technology is the latest generation available, it uses film-less image tubes to improve performance. All of our 4th Generation equipment is autogated. This autogated technology allows a user to achieve high performance in light polluted areas and does not have the need to shut off in these brighter situations. The Gen 4 technology also achieves superb performance in very dark situations just when you need it. These elite level units will give the user an image that is brighter, when compared to standard 3rd Generation models. 4th generation units are extremely impressive to use, to say the least. However, if there are any negatives to Gen 4 it would be the sometimes limited availability, which is not uncommon with high quality night equipment.

The other possible negative is the fact that when the US Military tested generation 4 film-less technology, they found that it did not last as long as the thin film Gen 3 technology that they currently use. To clarify Gen 4 equipment will last thousands of hours, but it did not reach the 10,000 hour mark that was required by the Military. To summarize Gen 4 gives the user unbelievable low light performance as well as outstanding clarity and brightness, the only thing that can compete with Gen 4 would be our Hand Selected Gen 3 Autogated/Pinnacle products. As a note there is no generation 5 night vision, the technology simply has not been invented yet. Below you will find the 4 categories of 4th generation technology to choose from. As always if you have any questions or just need some guidance please feel free to call us at 1–800–771–6845. ~NightVision4Less

ATN PS15 Gen 4 Night Vision Goggles

Price: $8,999.00

The ATN PS15–4 is a compact, lightweight dual Night Vision Goggles system. It utilizes two high-performance Image Intensifier Tubes to provide extremely clear and crisp images under the darkest conditions. This dual-tube design provides increased depth perception and outstanding clarity. A built-in IR lets the user easily read a map and function in a total darkness environment.

Armasight N-14 Gen 4 Flag Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

Price: $3,995.00

The Armasight N-14 is the new standard by which all compact multi-use monoculars will be judged in future. The N-14 uses optics that are equal to or better than current Military issue night vision units, built into a tough, compact and ergonomic composite housing. We built this body to surpass MIL-SPEC-810 specifications, and so the Armasight N-14 can withstand salt water, rain, high humidity, extremes of temperature and still give unsurpassed levels of performance. The Armasight N-14 is available with a whole array of accessories like — 3, 5 and 8X magnification lenses for mid-long range viewing, head or helmet mounts to allow the unit to be worn as a mono-goggle, various different weapon mounts for tactical or hunting use and detachable IR illuminator for long range use.

Night Vision Monoculars

We are proud to offer over 50 different night vision monocular for sale with most models including free 2nd day shipping. Outfitted with the proper accessories these types of optics can take on almost any task. Nightvision4less has a large selection of Gen 1 through Gen 4 models in stock. If you don’t know the difference between generations here is our easy Generations Guide to help you understand.

The US military currently uses the popular PVS-14 monocular with Pinnacle Gen 3 image tubes as their main piece of night equipment. A quality model should have the versatility to accept magnification lenses and camera adapters as well as have the ability to mount on a rifle with use of various weapons attachments and be capable of hands free operation with the use of a head harness. These versatile devices are like the Swiss Army Knife of night optics equipment, so if you are only going to own one piece of night time equipment and want versatility over specialization, than a monocular is the right device for you. If you need help deciding which model to buy check out our Best Night Vision Monocular page or feel free to give us a call at 1–800–771–6845 for personal assistance.

ATN Night Storm 1 Night Vision Monocular, Gen 1+

Price: $289.00

The ATN Night Storm 1 Black is the latest in technology and the newest addition to the ATN line of Night Vision products. Strict standards and precision manufacturing have brought to you a rugged, yet lightweight, waterproof Night Vision device, which provides superior optical calibration at an economical cost.

ATN MO4–3A Gen 3 Night Vision Monocular

Price: $2,999.00

The ATN MO4–3A Night Vision Device is so packed with features that it is unsurpassable by competitors in the same field. With a high-quality Image Intensifier Tubes and fast lenses the ATN MO4–3A has very high brightness output. It has an unbelievable light amplification, and it also provides superior clarity and high magnification.