Climate is changing, Food and Agriculture must too.
 The ecosystems of some countries are humid, dry, hot or even cold. The civils of these states are accustomed to their environment and also, abide by their climate they coordinate both their agriculture and food which they consume in their daily life. Climate change, however, is becoming cause of altering this equilibrium between these aspects.

The Basic Reasons of Climate Change’s Existence
The natural alterations are posing to the depletion of ozone layer in a stratosphere and decline of ice is creating global warming. As a result, most of countries’ climate has been reversed into opposite one and it is crucial to change their agriculture and eating habits according to their modified climate. At the same time, human beings have their own influence on existence of climate action. Precisely, the fog which factories create, burning fossil fuels, wasting natural resources, deforestation and neglecting to recycle products in several spheres. Also, the earth is warmed by rising levels of carbon dioxide and heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere that is considered as consequence of climate change. Therefore, climate maintains the changing and demand for altering food and agriculture increases as well.

Threatened farmers to increase agriculture productivity and food
Being more common, an extreme weather events like droughts, cyclones, floods and hot temperature have the worst impact on the world’s indigent people, many of whom are farmers, pastorals and peasants. Moreover, they are on pressure owing to the global goal of ending hunger by 2030. Resilient farmers, yet, are endeavor to adopt adverse effects of climate change and make their harvest and agriculture more productive as well as sustainable by utilizing natural resources rationally.

Implemented and upcoming remedies
Undoubtedly, 2015 was a year for climate action. Stating the evidence, UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York which is conducted among 193 countries, aimed to cease poverty and hunger, preserve the planet as well as ensure prosperity for all. To expand, coming 7–18 november2016 in Marrakech, UN is organizing Climate Change Conference to discuss and search solution for climate action as well as for its consequences. Every individual can assist to reduce threat of this issue by wasting less, eat nutritious pulses and recycle.