5 years of College so your mom call you “my son who fix computers”

“What my mom think I do”

Well this story begins some years ago, when I finish college. We where on a family reunion and everyone was proud of their sons and daughters;

Aunt 1: “My son just started medical school”
Aunt 2: “ My daughter almost finish law school”

Then my mom like a peacock with her feathers open as long as it could (well that I was hoping), but NO when it came her turn the best thing she could say was “My son finish his career on….( a big silence like Antarctica type of silence) he fix computers”, then everyone just keep quite for a few minutes just seen each other and finally someone say: “Lets go to eat”.

I can’t say i feel disappointed or something like that but what the heck she couldn't say anything better than that, I mean 5 years breaking my ass in college so my mom called “ his son who fix computers”. But well what can I do just remember and laugh.

And since then every time someone ask me what do you do for living I proudly say.

“I just fixcomputers”

Well this is my first story, sorry if it has a lot of mistakes but in my defense 1 I´m not a writer and 2 English is not my birth language. So sorry for the mistakes it could be on my story. Thanks for reading.

Alonso IT( the guy who fixes computers)

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