PE of Media

I personally find this topic interesting but very difficult to deal with. I think the power of personal freedom versus society’s norms differs from one region to another. In the western parts of the world, particularly the United States, there is a lot more freedom in terms of what someone can say/do and what kind of life they lead, even what relationships they form. In other countries, like Iran, the government and society both seem to have the greater power. Let’s take homosexuality for an example. Recently, the BBC has been showing a lot of TV series that promote homosexuality, Orange is the New Black for instance, and that’s absolutely okay in the western region, not only to watch but to practice. People have the right to choose their religion, sexual orientation and even their gender now (transgenders). On the other hand, in any Islamic society none of these things are acceptable. Even if they were accepted by law, the majority of people are completely against it. As a matter of fact, everything you do and say, people will have a say on. Society has a stronger influence.