Dear OOO’ers (out of office automated repliers): STOP.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve received dozens of OOO’s. Forwarded from entrepreneurs, in response to our emails, even email threads of OOO’s crazily responding to other OOO’s. And I’m fed up with it. Why?

1- OOO <> serendipity. Life is about random connections. If someone random emails you and receives your OOO, they will be less likely to email you again. This is bad.
2- You respond through OOO anyway. So why the heck do you have it on in the first place?
3- Stop showing off. Everyone deserves vacations, breathers, etc. and that’s perfectly OK. But what’s the point of broadcasting your break to the world? Take your much deserved vacation and just be slow to respond! No one will get upset i promise!
4- I’m currently compiling a list of all OOO’s i receive (some are painstakingly creative btw, as to provide some sort of solace) and one day, may blow up your spot. Yes, you!

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