How to Create a WordPress Site using AWS in Less than 1 Hour (Step-by-Step Guide)

Mar 21 · 5 min read

If you want to launch a new website or a blog, look no further than WordPress. Whether you’re technical savvy or not, WordPress can please everyone. With its ever ending list of plugins and ease of use to create blog posts, you can make it work for you!

If you are someone with more technical experience, host your website on AWS to take advantage of the pay as you go pricing model to keep prices low. You can even buy a domain via Amazon. Even if you are not technical, this article will help you step by step.

When I wanted to launch my website for Celestial Amethyst Photography, I wanted a responsive website and didn’t want to spend too much time customizing it. To me, the goal is to showcase my work in a visually appealing way and allow for visitors to contact me for my services. In the future, I wanted to start creating blog posts educating my viewers on photography and photo editing concepts.

In this article, I will help you launch your very own WordPress Website.

Launch your WordPress Site

1. Log into

2. Go to Services > Compute > EC2

3. Go to Create Instance > Click on Launch Instance

4. Search Wordpress > WordPress Certified by Bitnami > Click Select

5. Click Continue

6. Choose t2.micro (for free tier)> Click Next:Configure Instance Details

7. Set Auto-Assign Public IP: Enable > Click Review and Launch

8. Click Launch

9. Create a new pair and set your Key pair name: <sitename>-key > Download Key Pair > Click Launch. Note: A file will be downloaded automatically after Download Key Pair and you will need access to this file at all times.

10. Your site is now launching

Get your WordPress Credentials

1. Go to Services > Compute > EC2

2. Go to Instances > Click on Instances

3. Right-click on your instance > Instance Settings > Get System Log

4. Scroll down until you see a section containing your username and password

Log in to your WordPress Site

1. Go to Services > Compute > EC2

2. Go to Instances > Click on Instances

3. Navigate to IPv4 Public IP column, this is your IP address to access your WordPress site

4. Paste the IP address into your browser

5. Go to <ipaddress>/wp-admin to access your WordPress Admin

6. You are now logged into your WordPress Admin page

Setup your Domain Name using AWS

1. Go to

2. Click on your Domain Name

3. Click on Create Record Set

4. Set Value:<ipaddress> and Name value will be blank

5. Click on Create Record Set

6. Set Name:www Type: CNAME — Canonical Name, Value: <domain name with extension>

7. Go to your website in your browser. You are all set! You can also now access your WordPress Admin page using your domain name rather than the IP Address.

Already have a WordPress site up in your local machine? Learn to migrate your local WordPress website to your AWS hosted WordPress site in How to Migrate your WordPress Site.

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