Efforts of Youths to Raise Their Voice (Pt.2)

History of Youth Speak Forum in AIESEC in Jalandhar

AIESEC in Jalandhar was one of the first local committees to conduct a Youth Speak Forum in India. The event was held in Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar in 2015.
With almost a participation of two hundred and fifty students, it featured a prominent list of speakers including Gaurav Prakash, Saachi Soni, Raghav Bagai and Dharmendra Rai.
Through the sessions offered by these speakers, the motive of the event was successfully achieved; to inspire, engage and act with the original belief that youths are capable of bringing change. This was the start to create a safe space where youths were able to interact, discuss and analyze on different perspectives to different ideas — a place for them to speak freely on their thoughts without the fear of being judged.

It was a successful event and this YSF was not only able to motivate the youths to attend it but it was also able to set a benchmark for further such events to be conducted in any other cities of India.