Efforts of Youths to Raise Their Voices (Pt.1)

Millennials; born in three different decades and two different centuries. 
 This is a group of youths today that have seen the possible extremes of life, from the early technologies to the new and updating ones. The kind of diverse range of thoughts they possess in terms of the happenings of the world is remarkable. However, many of these ideas are overlooked due to the emphasis given on age.

The youths of today run through an almost pre-written course of life with choices set out for them from the beginning of consciousness not on the basis of things they want to do but things they will have to do because someone else is doing the same. So, a lot of times, their potential is lost while considering the majority of youths not ‘old enough’ to have an opinion. 
 Many people say, “All the attempts made by youths to have an opinion and raise their voice is an act of failure.” However, we cannot deny there have been several successful instances where youths have taken charge and created spaces for themselves for their voice to be heard and also where ideas they think worth addressing are discussed. 
 YSF is one of these spaces where such ideas are addressed. 
 What is YSF?
YSF stands for Youth Speak Forum, an initiative of AIESEC a youth run, not for profit, non-political organization that focuses on youth leadership.
 Through Youth Speak Forum, speakers from different fields come together in one venue to talk and discuss about the seventeen SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of UN. This event majorly focuses on generating new perspectives on the same ideas and calling them out to action with a simple model:




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