My friend called me. “Let’s meet today, not tomorrow” — he said. My girlfriend was away, I felt a bit alone, I agreed.

He has issues. He always had issues.

At first when I met him he was silent guy. Definitely hardworking one. Gifted as well. But deep inside his eyes someone who can look at people carefully enough to see anything more than the surface was able to notice that this guy has some problem. He had. But it took me a few years to get something more than a vague feeling about it.

When I saw him second time he was pissed off. Not silent anymore, but complaining, and going from sleep to rage mode in irregular cycles.

When I saw him that evening I finally understood.

He came for me in his sportscar. He looked a bit more self confident than always. A bit more energetic. So energetic that in the restaurant an hour later I noticed his hands were trembling. In the evening I noticed he’s alone, like I was. His wife was at work. At least that’s what he told me. At least that’s what she told him.

My girlfriend was thousands kilometers away.

We were alone. Both.

We tried to not be. He showed me his music, I showed him mine.

He showed me his life. I listened.

We said bye in the evening.

We’ve still been alone.