Hello World! I am Nihinlola

Jan 06, 2018

Hello World!

I am Nihinlolamiwa Fajemilehin (yeah it’s a pretty long name), a Full-Stack developer with experience in both front-end and back-end development. I’m currently a developer with one of Nigeria’s foremost technology driven bank (We like to brag duh), where I work with a Team of fantastic people to create magical Web and Mobile applications for our customers (You most likely have used one of my creations before 😉).

Sometimes last year I felt the urge to create a personal website since I was a developer and it seemed pretty cool to own one. Lately, I have been questioned by a couple of people as to why I don’t write on Medium and other similar sites.

It has always been on my mind to give back to the tech community and I guess I have finally put my laziness to rest. Therefore, this year I have decided to share technical write-ups on my personal website nihinlolafaj.com and also on Medium for two major reasons;

  • Share solutions to problems I have encountered and solved in the past
  • Share knowledge with everyone; practicing and upcoming developers especially

I have gained loads of knowledge and found solutions to a whole lot of problems from write-ups and articles written by others on platforms every day, noteworthy mentions are Stack Overflow, TutorialsPoint, CSharpCorner, Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), Code Project, GitHub and so many others.

Therefore at this point, I have decided to share the little I have learned over the past couple of years too.

I would share posts at least once a month and at most twice a month due to my busy work schedule.

You can also follow all my articles on my personal website nihinlolafaj.com.

That being said, I look forward to my next post.

Software Engineer. Tech Enthusiast.