Lok Sabha of India
Lok Sabha of India
Lok Sabha of India

You will be thinking that this guy is so late in performing analysis on Lok Sabha 2019 Elections. But it is not just an analysis which party has won or lost but it either focuses on some basic personal details of the candidates stood in Lok Sabha 2019 Elections like their

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Criminal Cases
  • Assets and Liabilities they have
  • Category
  • Party they belong
  • Votes they received in their constituency.

You can check out my entire Jupyter Notebook here.

I got this dataset from Kaggle which is uploaded by Prakrut Chauhan and I am performing analysis on this dataset…

Azure and Telegram Integration

Just send a command to your Telegram Bot to control your Azure Instance

Welcome to Part 2 of Managing Azure Instances with Telegram Bot using Python. If you haven’t read the previous article, you may read it here.

In the Part 1, as Rishabh Rathod has described us how the Azure VM Instance can easily be controlled by just making a API call. In this part we will focus on how we can call those API via telegram bot to turn on /off Azure’s VM instance.

For entire code you can also check my Git Repository from here.

▹ Azure account (Covered in Part 1)
▹ Basic knowledge of Python (Functions, Decorators, Basic if-else)…

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