In-Place Updates for your WSO2 Product

Nihla Akram
Mar 18 · 2 min read

We at WSO2 continuously improve our products with bug fixes, security fixes, performance improvements, etc. Every major release of a WSO2 product is followed by a series of updates delivering these improvements. These updates are delivered to our customers through WUM (WSO2 Update Manager).

WUM client is a easy to use command line tool, which helps you to update a WSO2 product. When updates are applied through WUM, it gives you a fresh pack with all the updates. These updates can be moved to your customized product pack by either,

  1. Applying the diff between the two update levels to the production.
  2. Moving the configurations changes and artifacts from the customized pack to the latest updated pack

If you are using a configuration management tool, you can automate this process as per [1].

With time we received multiple stakeholder requests to give the ability to update the WSO2 product in-place! Serving these requests, we have added a the WSO2 In-Place Updates tool to your product distribution.

The WSO2 in-place updates tool allows you to update your currently used product by fetching updates from the server and merging all configurations and files! The tool also gives backup and restore capability.

More details on how to use the tool will be given in blogs to be followed :)