No Shortcuts to Mastery

Antti Niittyviita

I still remember how back in our teens a classmate seemed run back home every afternoon when the bell rang and school was over.

He had only guitars on his mind. It was no accident that Jani ended up playing the lead for Sonata Arctica when set out to their first world tour.

Last weekend I mused myself by watching some 80’s hard rock classics and some serious guitar wizardry On Youtube. It’s incredible how the professionals can play those flawless licks regardless of the situation.

Even though you deceive yourself by seeking those quick fixes, tricks, tips and hacks, they will never substitute the real thing.

There is no way to outsource learning. There are no shortcuts to mastery.

  • Want to learn push-ups? Do push-ups!
  • Want to become a great writer? Write!
  • Want to test like a guru? Test!
  • Want to start vlogging? Vlog!

The average practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.

Antti Niittyviita

Written by

I believe that every organisation needs their of Champion of Testing. Someone, who truly steps up to take ownership of the testing culture.

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