Outstanding is a result of standing out. Are you up for it?

There is the regular everyday work. The constant flow of action points. The things that we just need to do.

Sometimes the work is even worth a mark. Most likely it’s a thing that we accomplish for the benefit of someone else.

Usually, the work is good if it helps somebody. If the work makes a connection that causes someone to change actions.

Once your work reaches a level beyond the mere influence on actions of others, it becomes something more. Your work grows into the potential to change thinking, beliefs or emotional state of those you are here to serve.

To stand out might feel uncomfortable, but it is the only way to outstanding work.

When it happens, the work becomes a thing worth making a mark for the second time. It becomes remarkable.

Remarkable is something to make a mark about again and again.

At that moment you start earning the respect of your community. To be re-seen for the impact you have introduced.

And the question usually is not about inventing something new. It isn’t about what you should start doing to be remarkable. It is a question of how.

How could you do the work you’re already doing, to be worth the second mark?

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