Quit perfecting the means at the expense of your goals

Antti Niittyviita

I made a new years resolution and failed. At new years’ eve I committed to doing a 100 video blogs per year. It was a bold attempt that I made few years back.

Photo by Kushagra Kevat on Unsplash

I spent the first two months by reading about vlogging, researching for the perfect gear, trying to write scripts and attempting to create a perfect lighting for my office to shoot my first video.

I was perfecting the means at the expense of my goals. At the end of February I got over my excuses, took out my phone and shot the first video of TestguruTV in a dark hotel room with the front facing camera.

Ever since that moment, I’ve followed a simple mantra taken from Sir Richard Branson. Screw it; Let’s do it!

Quit perfecting your means at the expense of your goals!

P.S. My new book just came out. See if you like it: http://www.storytoolsoftesting.com

Antti Niittyviita

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I believe that every organisation needs their of Champion of Testing. Someone, who truly steps up to take ownership of the testing culture.

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