Target coin :- A closed end fund offers its shares to public

Target coin ( ) is quite new name in cyrpto industry and they are still in crowdfunding phase but they have already sold over 400,000,000 TGT coin which equals to 50,000+ ethereum. Many investors are buying TGT coin to secure profit from all trading operations done by Target coin team which they will share with all public investors.

There is no doubt that after such a successful ICO, it will be listed in top trading platforms like bittrex, liqui and c-cex which can easily pull volume of over 1000 BTC so you can expect a exponential rise in its price just after listing and many more in future.

Target coin uses machine learning or AI bots to analyse the market and buy different cryptos from the market for both short term and long term trading. Team behind TGT coin is not some random newbie in crypto trading field, they have experts who are trading cryptos for years. The incentive for Target coin to trade for their investors if that 15% commision they will get from the all profit they will generate for the TGT coin investors. You can find this information here :

They will share remaining percentage profit to their investors via Ethereum smart contract in transparent way on every quarter starting from December 2017. They will keep on sharing profit with all token holders on every quarter without any efforts from investor.

If you also want to be part of this revolutionary closed end fund than buy some tokens form their ICO page :

Above page also contain guide on how to purchase TGT coin with ETH and some guidelines which you strictly have to follow.