This is the second part of layer animations series. You should read the first part first.

CASpringAnimation let you create powerful and flexible spring layer animations.

In this part we will consider the CASpringAnimation and differences between UIKit and Core Animation (CASpringAnimation).


Let’s get started from introduce to CASpringAnimation. Springs provide a simple and fairly common way of movement. This animation is controlled by the force of elasticity, where the speed of your animation will depend on it. You define all the properties of a force, including damping coefficient and stiffness.

CASpringAnimation provides us with four parameters:

  • Damping — defines…

I think that many developers want to decorate their application to one degree or another with various effects. This article is an introduction to creating animation iOS using the native CoreAnimation framework.

The animation is one of the key elements of the UI. The main goal of animation is to explain the logic of the application to the user.

As I mentioned earlier, we will use Core Animation framework. Core Animation is a standard framework for work with base animation classes such as CABasicAnimation, CAKeyFrameAnimation, CATransition, CAAnimationGroup.

In this article, we will focus on how to create the animation using…

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