Announcing the MX4 Challenge Winner

Hello everyone, I am thrilled to announce the winner of the Meizu MX4 Challenge! In the interest of being open, I thought I would share a bit on how we arrived at the winner. We received 10 submissions for the challenge and while that may not seem like a lot, I was personally looking for quality submissions, proven track-record of previous contributions and trying to bring developers and designers on the same playing field. And so in the process created strict rules and requirements that reduced the amount of people who could enter the challenge.

I reviewed the past contributions of the participants and checked whether they took the effort to present their apps nicely in the store and keep them updated. I observed that there were some apps that did not have screenshots or a proper description to help the user. Many a times I also found brilliant apps in the store that people start relying on, only later to notice that they have been abandoned. All these things affect users and I emphasized on them for this challenge.

It is not the amount of apps that you have in the store that matter, but rather the effort you put into making your app the best.

The contest submissions were reviewed by Alan Pope and myself. I must admit that at the end finding a winner was a bit difficult considering that a few of the participants and their submissions were quite good. Luckily I had Alan Pope to help me with breaking the tie.

I wish I had more devices to give away but alas there is just the one Meizu MX4 ;)

So without further ado,

Drum roll … the winner is Brian Douglass!

Brian is the developer of the well know alternative Ubuntu app store Uapp Explorer that we all have come to admire and is used by pretty much everyone to discover new apps, share public links to their apps.

For the contest, he created a UApp Explorer scope. You can check out the screenshots below.

Given the amount of time the developers and designers had to take part in the challenge, I am happy with the submissions and thank all the participants for their effort. I hope you would continue improving on the stuff that you worked on and help improve the Ubuntu Touch ecosystem.

Originally published at on July 3, 2015.

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