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Developers often receive requests from clients that are not always logical or promote best practices; but even so, they often present an interesting chance to challenge ourselves. As we try to meet the requirements, we often face the challenge straight on without hesitation for completion.

Not long ago, I found myself in a similar situation with a client that requested for the AMP framework to be used halfway through a project. This decision might have been influenced by AMP’s benefits but was a major blow in the at-the-time ongoing development. Initially, the Vue.js framework, which heavily uses JavaScript was requested…

Although building a static website has its fair share of benefits, it has a large negative impact when it comes to creating and maintaining the site. This impact led many developers to leave the static building methodology and take up a dynamic approach. The dynamic approach is generally easier to develop and maintain thanks to pre-made generators and content management systems (CMS).
However, in recent years more and more static site generators have emerged that combine the advantages of traditional static websites with the convenience of development on par with dynamic ones.

In this article, we will cover the steps…

Nikola Cvetkovski

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