Syd’s Fin ends way too soon.

Artist: Syd Album: FIN Released: Feb 3rd 2017 Label:Columbia

I am definitely late to the game to react/review this album. But I have so many feelings about it. In so many words its fucking awesome! Great tracks that sound older and familiar with Syd’s fresh take on it. It’s very r&b, soul, pop and commercially friendly, but still having that Left Field vibe. Syd also wrote, composed and engineered most of the tracks herself, which is very dope.

As per usual let me take you on a tour of the tracks:

Shake Em Off

Loving this track for the opening. Telling those that be, that this is who she is, and not to be bothered by their judgements. It’s a slow, but vibing forward track. Matter of fact in its delivery. People are def sleeping on her as she states in the second verse.


This record def has that 90s type jam feel, ala Aaliyah. Syd’s vocals are low and sultry, mirroring the content of the song. Straight up this song is about cheating and keeping it secret. It’s a super sexy track, albeit unethical. This is a song for all the groupies and secret lovers she’s had, instructing them to leave this time for themselves privately. It’s better that way.

No Complaints

Starts right away and is in your face in directness. More rhyming, than singing or rapping on this track. It’s a boasting song about how far she has come. Its fast, forward moving and short. Technically an interlude, with only over a minute of music. It definitely leaves you wanting more.

Nothin to Somethin

Another boasting type song about making it in this industry, but this one has a chill type vibe. Standard Hip Hop altered thick background vocals, doubling with her own, during the chorus. Def a song you can’t help, but bob your head along to.

All About Me

This is the first single off this album. I was super juiced when I watched this video. It’s a perfect first single because it really demonstrates who she is and proclaims that this is all about her. The music and keys gives it this dark atmosphere, almost sinister vibe. Yet, it pulls you in, into the trance like lyrical delivery. Listening to this track makes you really believe in her and the vision. I look forward to what’s next, musically, career, etc.

Smile More

This is more of a slow song. More sing-talking and the music is chill with very mellow drums in the background. This track is about pleasing a partner and making them smile, through amazing sex. As the relationship progresses the sex gets better. I love the lyrics :’Turn these lights off Turn these lights low Second thought, leave ’em on’.

Got Her Own

Ethereal sounding with echoing vocals and then a soft beat that leads to a heavy bass line. Syd sings about a woman who has a her own everything and how she would be down to meet her. Also, she addresses men who try to step to her and can’t do anything to impress her.

Drown in It

Another short one minute track. This is basically an interlude professing how she feels about a woman, but hiding her feelings at the same time. This lyrics toward the end of the track drown out as she talks about ‘drowning in it’. Very appropriate way to end this almost drug induced ode to oral sex. I want more of this song, its too short! It honestly feels like a setup for Body.


Body is another Aaliya type sounding song in it’s delivery. I love the bassy electronic start to the song. Another slow sexy song about what she will do to a woman and appreciating her body. This album at this point is kind of perfect for playing while having sex. Was this intentional? Probably.

Dollar Bills

Now back to another boasting/bragging type of track. In this record Syd is in a strip club and the dancer is only paying attention to her, cuz Syd’s the shit. But Syd quickly moves onto the next girl. Although she’s bragging, the chorus has an upbeat jam feel to it. This track has Steve Lacy from The Internet on guitar and guest vocals on the bridge.


Over is a break up song with 6Lack moodily sing-rapping over the third verse. The instrumentals have a chill type of Southern rap type beat. But when the lyrics start the bass is mad heavy. Just another chill song layered with Syd’s smooth vocals.


Insecurities is a song about loving someone when you shouldn’t and not being able to leave. Syd’s insecurities hinder them from leaving, but they finally get the strength to leave. Bridge has this Beyonce or Janelle Monae bellowing quality that is surprising, yet delightful.

Final Thoughts

Well shit. This album is amazing. Sexy, sultry, intimate and a little filthy. Just the way I like my R&B. With all these influences that are so nostalgic, but original at the same time. I have been playing this album on repeat for weeks and I won’t be stopping anytime soon. My review is short, but so is this album. Much like many of The Internet’s catalog, Syd’s songs leave you wanting so much more. Which makes for easy repeat listenings. This may be the perfect winter album of 2017.

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