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WhiteBIT had announced support for InstantSend, indicating that deposits made with Dash can be confirmed instantly, significantly cutting down on the time between deposits and trades on the exchange.

What is all this for?

Typically, cryptocurrency exchanges require several on-chain confirmations before recognizing a deposit as final and allowing the user to commence trading. Depending on the cryptocurrency’s block time, perceived network security, and other factors, this process could take anywhere from minutes to hours, even days depending on the exchange’s perception of the coin’s network security or because of network congestion or similar issues. …


Stegos provides an absolutely private and secure foundation for building decentralized mobile apps

Why and for whom are we needed?

The main problem, because of which it makes sense to use the services of various VPNs and data encryption services, is the unreliability and ease of access to the user’s personal information.

If you think that nobody needs you, then you are mistaken. Most people do not attach importance to the protection of personal data. And when someone takes possession of your personal information, it is not difficult to guess what you are risking. Access to accounts of various services, bank card…

Philosophy of the project:

Every dollar that is reinvested in the system should give a lot more if it is invested properly.

A bit about the problems

Many years have passed since the advent of the first cryptocurrency, but digital money has not yet been applied in everyday life.

The market is constantly growing and developing, but digital money at the moment for most people do not have practical value.

What is the main problem with cryptocurrencies?

· Scalability

· Regulation

· Security

· Insufficient information base

· Accessibility for the mass user

None of the current cryptocurrencies could solve these problems completely.

What is Energi?

Energi is…


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