If a marketing team has problems with the development process, isn’t it time to rethink the way that problems are fixed?
What if MarTech fixed the problem instead of diagnosing it?
Al Mackin

Hey Al, great article and love the Formissimo AI work!

Another way that marketing teams should think about this is from an organisational design perspective. Agile companies that have this problem will create a small, autonomous, cross-functional team that solves marketing challenges and aligns around the conversion goal. It will have developers, designers and marketers. They will have the authority to make code changes and their goal is precisely this sort of stuff.

It avoids old-skool silos of a separate marketing team and a separate development team and is how most modern digital businesses work and move fast. A great example is TransferWise, where they have cross functional teams with a specific mission each (such as: Business Customers, End to end conversions, Integrations and so on).

Combining this approach to team structure with kickass tools like Nudgr will no doubt give any organisation the edge.

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