I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

I think you have some very valid points, but I hope that one day soon you can see the areas of growth you still have. There were some cringe moments in the article that went too far, but the defensiveness in your comments have really shinned light on how you are not an actual ally to the trans community. This is a very sensitive topic and when people are showing up to have the conversation this article is asking to have, your language gets very questionable. While you do not want to be seen as a TERF, you have to agree that some of the language here is the exact language they use. And the fact that TERFs have come to the comments and used this article to continue to their hate is clear that your argument is inspiring them to continue to invalidate trans women.

Perhaps that’s tone policing you, but the thing is, if we are ever going to actually have this conversation it is going to have to be done with language that is so perfect that people are able to put down their defensive and talk.

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