Bad Things I Love 4

Now this is Terry Gilliam movie. They are supposed to be absurd and weird. This one definitely meets that criteria. It is the story of a boy who gets lost in time with a bunch of little people who used to work for God, but are now bandits. In time.

4. Time Bandits (1981 Film)

Why is it bad. Like a lot of the movies on my list. The story is confusing. There is a lot of humour in it, but it’s for 1% of people. The special effects are cheap. Super cheap. There are lots of famous people in the movie. But we only see them for snippets as the movie is very episodic. The movie is supposed to be for kids, but lots of crazy bad things happen. And there is a bummer ending that comes completely out of the blue. It feels like Terry ran out of ideas on how to end it so he just did something strange.

Why I like it. I like it because it is absurd. The time bandits get Napoleon drunk and steal all his gold and jewels. There is a giant with a boat as a hat. God is kind of a patrician dick. Several characters are turned into pigs for no reason. There is a game show run by the devil. The kids parents might as well be villains. This movie is insane. But in a way that I like.

It’s not like this is some childhood nostalgia. I didn’t see this movie until like three years ago. I’ve seen it maybe ten times since then.