Are You Wearing Your Motorcycle Helmet Correctly? Be Sure.

It is always better to be safe than to be sorry, and thus it is always advisable to be wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Helmets provide protection to our heads which house our brain. Thus, wearing a helmet is one of the smartest things to do.

Motorcycle Helmets also look cool. So, in addition to taking safety precautions, one can also look remarkably fashionable while riding a motorcycle.

However, some people wear a helmet wrong. People just assume that wearing a helmet is the easiest task in the world, but there are a few do’s and dont’s even when it comes to wearing bike helmets.

Get the Correct Size

It is imperative for a motorcycle rider to get a helmet which is of the proper size. It is mostly recommended to buy a helmet which is the same size as a hat that would fit on our head. Motorcycle Helmets usually come in sizes S, M, L, and XL, as do hats. Thus, if you know the circumference of the hat that fits your head the best, you should get the helmet of the same size. 
If the hat size falls between two standard sizes for your head, it is advisable to get a custom made motorcycle helmet. If you talk to any helmet manufacturer, they can readily make arrangements for the same.

Get the Right Fit

The helmet should fit snugly on your head. In fact, it is even advisable that the helmet feels right until you have managed to place it squarely on your head, and achieved perfection. Thus, you will know that the helmet is perfect for the size of your head. 
Make sure that the helmet is not too large for your head. This will not protect you during accidents.

Is it Straight?

You have to make sure that your motorcycle helmet is not tilted on your head like you wear a hat. It has to be straight. Otherwise, you might experience problems while riding.

Before Strapping Up

Your helmet straps should not be pulled too tight. However, they should also not be too loose. They should be pulled so much that your helmet feels steady on your head but not too tight.

Other Checks

There are also a few other fit checks you could perform before strapping up your helmet. Make sure the cheek pads are not pressed uncomfortably on your face, and there should be no gap between your temple and the brow pads.

If you have a full face helmet, check the fit by pressing on the chin piece. The shield should not touch your nose. If it does, your helmet is too small for you.

Thus, if you keep these tips in mind while wearing a helmet, or even while purchasing one, you are safe from harm.