Preplanning 2017, thing which I wanna achieve: My 12 goals for 2017

Always be prepared, always try your best to pre-plan, that’s how you increase your chance of touching success. Since its almost the end of the year 2016, a year with lots of ups and downs. Here I am ready to welcome 2017 with my pre-planned list. Things which I plan to do, things which I want to conquer. 12 things which I wanna achieve in 2017, Here it goes:

1) Visit 7 different district/places of Nepal.

2) Sign partnership MOU with 10 different organization (National and International).

3) Buy new One Plus 3T.

4) Publish a minimum 7 article in National and International news portal.

5) Read 12 Novel of different writers (Nepali, Hindi, and English combined).

6) Learn how to drive a motorbike and apply for licenses.

7) Organize a minimum 2 international events in Nepal.

8) Clear pass 3rd and 1st Sem of Bachelor Degree at Acme.

9) Write and publish minimum 2 guidebook or whitepaper on any topics.

10) Launch 4 project or product, which clearly supports Open Data, Transparency, and Accountability.

11) Find a new coffee and movie Date (Obviously a girl).

12) And definitely, earn some money to support my education and above goals.

Welcome 2017!!