Grocera supports local, here’s why you should too!

Since we opened up our online doors to Kitchener-Waterloo this summer, we have been asked questions like: “what makes Grocera unique?” and “what makes you different from Grocery Gateway or other online grocery shopping services?”

We can proudly answer these questions with…

Grocera picks local first!

We are fully immersed in Kitchener-Waterloo’s “local food” space. We feature and specialize in food that comes from local surrounding farms, local butchers, local bakers, and even local brewers.

When we can’t source a product locally, (like if it’s out of season), we buy it from local, independent retailers. The money you spend with Grocera goes back to these local businesses and helps you support your Kitchener-Waterloo community and economy.

What we do better

Food isn’t just food these days. You care about what’s in it, you care about where it’s coming from, and you care about where that money is going.

Our goal is to provide you the highest quality of products while ensuring that they’re sourced as locally as possible.

We will be the first to admit that there are existing “online grocery shopping” competitors that offer a larger variety of household name brands. But when it comes to local meats, fresh local produce, and local baked goods, we are way ahead of the competition. This is the stuff that matters to you and us.

We invite you to try us out, you’ll love it.

So what makes local food better?

Healthier, Safer, More Flavourful

  • When food grown and harvested from local sources, it travels less. This means your food isn’t taken out of its natural environment for than necessary. This, in turn, means that it retains its flavour and more importantly its nutritional value.

Supports local economy

  • Every purchase made on Grocera goes back to the local community. This means there’s no huge corporation or big-box store benefiting from your food purchases on Grocera. It’s the little independents you know and love that benefit.

Decreases food waste

  • When food is transported from far distances, like Mexico or California, it’s subjected to harsh temperature controlled conditions. Often times, these controls fail and the product thrown away before it hits the grocery store shelves. This results in global food waste as local products get passed over for cheaper imports.
  • Your local food order is picked up daily. Therefore, it never sits in a truck for a week at a time before being eaten. This reduces the potential for food spoilage as your food is in your hands immediately.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce)…

In the coming weeks, we will talk about: 1) why local food is healthier scientifically, 2) how buying from Grocera contributes to the local community and economy, 3) why our service and supporting local reduces the carbon footprint.

Originally published at on November 13, 2015.

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