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MBBS in Georgia

Yesterday while talking to a DTMU student of 2016 batch, Amalu Jose on phone, I asked how it felt to have passed out from David Tvildiani Medical University. After all there are so many colleges for MBBS in Georgia. I asked if she felt that she should have been to any college other than DTMU. I ask such questions often to different students in order to get a regular feedback.

She told me that there was no comparison between DTMU and any other college for MBBS in Georgia. Every student of MBBS in Georgia knows that DTMU education is far superior. This is definitely not to undermine any other institution but just a reality which every student who reaches Georgia for MBBS comes to know very soon. The syllabus followed in DTMU is USMLE based and it definitely requires hard work.

In an age when MBBS colleges have sprung up like mushrooms in Georgia it is rather difficult for perspective students to really understand which one is better. David Tvildiani Medical University was formed in 1989 and has been relentlessly pursued good quality USMLE (American) education system.

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