MBBS Abroad

MBBS in Georgia

I meet so many Indian students eager to apply for MBBS in a university abroad. They seem to be following a trend. These days the flavor of the season is MBBS in Georgia. Sometime back it was MBBS in Philippines and MBBS in China. It was only after people came to know that the students from those countries don’t fare well in the MCI Eligibility Test that they started looking elsewhere.

When we started promoting Georgia as a destination for education we noticed that in India one should not look for individuals who think intelligently, rather one should focus on groups which think collectively. Thinking, and taking decisions is often a social process. For that reason we have started educating people in groups about the benefits of studying MBBS in DTMU, Georgia and the results have been fascinating.

Our seminars for MBBS in Georgia have been very successful across India. There are many benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia, specifically in DTMU.

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