MBBS in Europe

MBBS in Georgia

Every year many students travel for MBBS in Europe, to DTMU Georgia, and there are a few things that we advise beforehand. A few of the important points:

  1. The education at DTMU is of a very high standard, USMLE based and the students have to study regularly even after their college hours. This is definitely not like any college in a lot of other countries which offer education at a very reasonable price and teach from old, outdated curriculum, the results of which is quite evident when they come back for MCI eligibility test in India.
  2. We do not judge the students as per their marks in 12th boards or ranks of NEET exams. At David Tvildiani Medical University we give the opportunity to students to make a fresh beginning. It is up to them to put in the hard work and change their lives for the better.
  3. The students are requested to carry the books from India as the books are much cheaper here.
  4. We also advise the students to purchase these books much before their travel day and start studying — to get acquainted with the syllabus.

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