An endless amount of ideas that can make you rich (not what you think)

People give up on their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur because they think everything has been invented and there is no more space for innovation. This is not true, although is used to believe the same thing where there are no more ideas that can make you successful. Many entrepreneurs say they attribute the creation of their idea to the problem they had in they’re past and made their money selling a solution.

Lets take a look at an entrepreneur that has made a lot of money of their solution. Mark Zuckerburg created Facebook as a solution to better communication and connections among friends. There are lots of other examples out there but now you might be saying, not everyone has my problem and that is also not true. You’ll actually be surprised with how many people have the same problems as you and are willing to pay for a solution to that problem.

Lets take a look at ideas that are currently being purchased in the market. Fitness programs are very popular, as many people struggle with getting a six-pack. To my surprise there are many programs that help people manage their diabetes. Now you can see the endless possibilities to the solutions you can create and I am sure there are many problems in your life that can use some solving.

Solving the problem you have will be the hard part and once you have solved your problem then you can look at marketing, sales and all the other business related aspects that you need to learn. I would like to leave you with a quote that really brought this to my attention.

There will always be business oppurtunities — Richard Brandson.

Hope you guys were inspired by this blog post to go out there and solve some of the problems you have and make a difference in the world.