How I Overcame The Fear Of Public Speaking

I’ve heard it all. Run on the streets naked screaming I’m not afraid. I won’t lie that will decrease the fear you have of thinking about what people think about you but it’s not the most effective to get over your fear. The way I have gotten over it and many others is actually easy and simple. Don’t mistake simple for easy. Please be aware there’s no one thing you can do to just get rid of your fear of anything and there’s specific but simple steps you need to take.

In my experience during speeches I gave in school I noticed, the better I knew the content, the less afraid I was and more confident I was. So there’s an important relationship between you as the speaker and the content itself. That’s it in a nutshell. The more you know your content, the more confident you’ll be. But it doesn’t stop there, you can actually enjoy speaking on stage or in front of many people. Yes you can actually enjoy it and the key to enjoying speaking is speaking about the topics and subjects you are passionate and knowledgable about. That’s it. If I were to go up on stage and speak about cars or maths, I wouldn’t be petrified but I wouldn’t be very confident but if I were to go up and speak about fitness and health… you would have trouble getting me off the stage.

It’s all about what the content means to you. Knowing the content will increase your confidence but being passionate about the content will make speaking fun for you. As with all things practice, practice and practice. Practice is always a key ingredient.

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Nikhil Pranil Hagroo