The Story Of A Lost Fart In A Nappy Factory (How Defining Your Success Leads To Your Happiness And Fulfilment)

This is an important lesson I learned about setting goals, defining success and leading a happy lifestyle. Once upon a time a boy was grinding out every single second of spare time he had to become his best self. He was learning everything he could business but neglected his health and his social life. He slowly felt that every day was becoming a tough grind that he dreaded. One day he had completely burnt out and just did nothing for a whole day. All he did was ponder what his life meant and if he wanted to do this for the rest of his life. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw a guy with no friends, out of shape and losing his way. At this point, his motivation had hit rock bottom and didn’t know what to do about it.

Then he realized that he enjoyed learning about business but wasn’t his strength and true passion. His passion was fitness, speaking and writing. Not sitting in front of a laptop every day learning about trading stocks and generating traffic. He started to research more about health and optimal performance while learning about business on the side. Although he thought that learning business was absolutely essential he realized that wasn’t his strong point but should still know his way in the business world but know put most of his time in writing, speaking, creating content and learning about health and optimum performance.

To this day he feels that his time is well spent and feels more satisfied with what he does on a daily basis and sees where he wants to go.

This is a true story about me and more specifically I learned that failure is important as I pondered on my mistakes and made important course corrections. I set goals that aligned with my principles and values and redefined my vision of success. I think it’s very important to focus on our strengths and we should have a good understanding of the business world no matter what. As Gary Vee says, don’t focus on your weaknesses. Spend your time on developing your strengths.

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