What does it mean to live a good life or be successful? How to satisfy the six human needs

This is a very important question I ask myself on a constant basis so I never lose track of the bigger picture and the reality of life. Many people don’t understand what it means to be successful and happy and living what is coined by Tai Lopez “the good life”. Being happy is actually easier than what most people think and you can start being happy right now and I am not talking about positive thinking. I think positive thinking has its place but I tend not to use it on the sense that most people use it as it is the main cause of delusion in our lives and leads us to believe we are living in some fairy tale land.

Its progress! That is what makes us happy. It makes us happy because it satisfies many human needs. For example when you’re playing a video game, you level up or you unlock new things and you grind out tasks for new unlocks you feel awesome that you’re making progress but it doesn’t become fun when you have unlocked everything and have nothing else left to do. This is why the pleasure is in the journey and not in the reward itself.

1. Variety: as we continue to see new improvements in our life and go new places, meet new people and attain new habits and understandings.

2. Certainty: as we see that we go on this upward spiral of momentum and we can be certain of success and our end game which is one of the highest forms of certainty as compared to being secure with our jobs which in these days aren’t as secure as they used to be.

3. Significance: as we grow and do more work in whatever industry we are and as long as we work hard and do good things we will become significant figures in our social circle.

4. Love and connection: as we make progress and grow as people we are going to inevitably make new friends and form deep connections with people through our progress in life.

5. Growth: as humans we love to see growth, momentum and movement in our lives and see progress that manifests through our work and endeavors.

6. Contribution: as we work towards a positive goal we are contributing something good society and that makes us feel great.

Progress is the only thing that matters. If you see someone who is a billionaire and has stagnated in his life and someone else who has increased their income from one thousand to two thousand the person who is making progress is going to be way happier and I am sure you have even seen this in your own life.