You Are Your Own Worst Critique (How To Constantly Improve Yourself And Move Through Plateaus Effortlessly)

Once I used to be a very rude dickhead. When I mean rude, I mean rude. During my days in school when a stranger approached me, I just used to say “F*CK OFF”. Not only did this make the other person feel bad for approaching me but also I showed what kind of negative I was. Luckily I had friends that told me that I was going overboard and I needed to stop with my nonsense. At this time I didn’t even notice that this made me so unattractive and from that point onwards I made sure that I would always be aware of myself.

From this story of my personal experience, I learned that there aren’t always going to be people around you that can tell you when you’re on the right track or not and you need to be the one holding yourself accountable. You need to tough on yourself and literally be your own worst critique. You need to cultivate your own self awareness factor and make sure what you’re doing every day is congruent with your principles and values and is getting you closer to your end goal.

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