The Bigger Picture.

It’s up to you, to make it matter.

I used to wonder, “what is it like to change the world?”. How it would feel to be a part of something that changes how people work. When I started working on my first startup, learning every day, building something that could potentially change a part of people’s life. I was very happy to see people use it and thought to myself, “I have started making an impact”.

I have always been keen to know more about our universe. I started digging deeper into the universe and its mysteries. By digging deeper I am not referring to a couple of videos on Youtube about space. I started taking courses on astronomy to learn more about the technical aspects of the universe. This was the first time in my life I ever started something without any expectation other than for the knowledge.

Once I started learning what the universe could house and the mysteries that could be a part of it, I started wondering more about the bigger picture. There are so many possibilities and the universe being as vast as it is we start to wonder, “In such a huge place, will what I do really even matter?”

We being small doesn’t necessarily mean we think of ourselves as ants who’s actions don’t matter. The action of the ants might not matter to us, but they do matter to the ants. Similarly, our actions matter to humans. Humans as a species are affected by the actions of each of its members. It is necessary for us to keep ourselves going. We cannot let ourselves down by small failures in our life such as a failed startup idea, relationship issues, or family issues . We need to learn to quickly move on and get back to work.

We could be one among many species out there trying to evolve. As a part of this species, I believe that we are not just required to get through the day. We have to do much more than that. We are expected to contribute to the bigger picture. Make a small addition that could help change how we grow.

As humans, I believe we do have a purpose. Contribution to the evolution of our species. If everyone had such an idea, I believe that everyone will give more to this world.

These things make me wonder, “is what I’m doing creating enough impact?”. The answer is a no. I realised that there is so much more I can do for humanity. All this required time and patience, but you need to start somewhere. So each baby step would eventually help me leap.

This is what motivates me. I hope you can connect to it as much as I do. Please do think about the bigger picture. It helps you take that one extra step. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments :)