[7.1] User Feedback and Testing

The link to our app — Kindly request all of you to check the webapp and provide your valuable feedback.

Since it is the testing and feedback week, we posted the app on slack channel to let other interns use it and provide me with feedback and any issues/bugs they face. Following are feedback from users, which tremendously helped me improve my app and fix bugs. I am highly grateful to all of them :




I have fixed all the bugs reported.

  1. Now the users can only insert mobile no with 10 digits.
Digits for mobile will not exceed 10.

2. Posting books with empty field will give alert to fill out the fields.

3. Also removed some unnecessary alert boxes.

Screenshots of ShareBook

Home Page

This is login and signup structure:

After user logged in:

This is borrow and buy page: UI of both page are same,only the search result will show according to the option whether the book is borrowable or buyable.

This is Post page : Here the user will add books.

This is profile page : Here the user can see books they have added.

And this is the feedback Page :

Some of my friends has given their feedback.

This is link to our final webapp: Please give your valuable feedback, so that we can improve it more.

Thank You.

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