That time when my roommate/colleague asked for my advise….

It was 7 in the evening. I have already left the office and was standing in the queue of Burger King patiently waiting for my order. The staff called my number and I got my order. I sat on the chair staring at the food. I wanted to take a mental picture of these curvy bodies on my plate as I would be able to have these only in the next month again. Then I started eating my French fries slowly. Suddenly my phone rang. It was my colleague and roommate. I was about to say hello but he started shouting:

He: Bro, I am so frustrated now. He doesn’t even listen to me. I finished the assignment still he is unhappy. I can’t take it anymore.

Me (thinking): So, I can’t even enjoy my cheat day meal in peace.

He: Are you there? Tell me what to do man?

Me: Let’s talk at our apartment. I will reach in 1 hour. And then I hung up.

The food didn’t seem much tasty after that. I somehow finished my meal and left for home.

My roommate is a sub urban guy. He always complains that the city guys get better privileges and exposure when it comes to working in corporate world.

As I reached my apartment he was there in the drawing room sitting on that ugly blue couch ready with his arguments and total narrative of what happened with him 2 hours ago. Before he says anything I dodged the question: Dude, I moved in 3 months back. To whom you used to whine about all these before me. He ignored that and started his regular old story of how our manager consistently cusses him for his silly mistakes; about how his life has become so miserable due to him; that he can’t even take a single breathe in peace and what not. He then asked my advise on this.

What to say? Is listening to this shit everyday not enough for him that now he needs my advise too. I wanted to say ‘maybe you should have concentrated more on the work given to you in your internship rather than fooling around with those girls whom you so much boast about now’. But then I thought that would be very inappropriate. I mean it’s not his fault every time. So I advised him to be more courteous to the manager. He asked, what do you mean? I said, I mean greet him in morning when he comes to office, in the evening ask if he needs him for anything before leaving office. By this I did not mean flattery at all. I mean my manager sits behind me and he sits in front of me. So I encounter their rants everyday. He always gets loud with him and starts arguing on every senseless thing uttered by our manager. He doesn’t even think twice before speaking anything. I on the other hand was always told by my seniors not to encourage these talks and handle them quietly.

But after hearing my suggestion instead of getting calm he got enraged and said: See this is where I lag every time. I am a simple guy who does his job with full concentration. We were never taught this corporate boot licking that you guys so easily do. This is the benefit of living in a city. His reply made me think years of my hard work and practice are just nonsense and obtuse. He said that so easily without giving regard to how it will sound to the guy on the other side. I kept my cool and did not say anything to him. I just approached to my room thinking ‘How this conversation would have gone if I shared my original opinion with him.’