Everything you are doing wrong with your digital marketing ad campaigns ?

How to measure the quality of your digital ad campaign?

Hi You,

Brace yourself. You are not going to like what I am about to say about your Digital Ad Campaign .

There is big room for improvement.

I am ready to bet that at least 90% of people will continue to read this because:

  1. You are a marketing professional
  2. You don’t have a f*#@ing clue on whatever hell is happening with your company’s/brand’s digital ad campaign right now, the actual behind the scene stuff.

But you know for a fact that you are spending helluva money on it and yet you are more worried about other marketing spends which doesn’t bring you an actual revenue or lead, this is because you don’t want to get your hands dirty with Digital Marketing and you don’t know how to measure it. Well, some you may a have a little idea but like I mentioned earlier, there is still a big room for improvement.

Don’t let the new kids or the freelancer play with it. Don’t let them make a barbie out of your batman.

I’ll show you things that you might be doing wrong with your digital ad campaign right now and how to measure the quality of your campaign even if you don’t know the ABCD of digital marketing. I’ll help you to put a lasso over your digital marketing beast. Milk them as much as you want after that. Thank me later.

So here is how you start:

#1 Don’t invest in everything you see on the Internet: Define your business aim and target audience before you choose your marketing channels. Also, speak the native dialect in those platforms you choose. You cannot use the same ad copy or messages in all these platforms. Make these differences, If you are investing in many platforms for Digital ads.

#2 Overcrowded Landing Page: Landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on, especially the visitors who click your ad.

This is a perfect example of a super bad landing page.

What’s wrong?

It’s overcrowded with information, visually confusing, got way too many navigation buttons (home, about us, career….), either no call to action or too many, either no form or too many questions in it and it’s a perfect cliche. I don’t like to pick on anybody but there are more screw ups on these landing page.

Read more on: Teach me how to screw the landing page of my Digital Ad Campaign. (write to me at nikhil@ubrik.com to see the good examples)

#3 Single Landing Page: Use many Landing Pages for the same digital campaigns. Buyers search for different solution for the same problem and they want to see the solution they want to see. Having many landing pages for one Digital Campaign will solve this problem.

Example: Buyer searches for a Volkswagen and finds a landing page which talks about Audi. Imagine that customers experience for the Ad Campaign.

Also, Do an A/B testing of Landing pages to see which works and which doesn’t.

Read more on: A/B Testing Tips for Your Landing Page: How To Do It Right?

5 Landing page A/B Tests (and their Surprising Results?)

#4 Negative Keyword: There are ways you can lose your marketing spend on a Digital campaign, overlooking negative keywords is one of them. In pay per click advertising (PPC), negative keywords prevent your advertisements from displaying for particular keyword phrases.

Example: You sell a Porsche in the region and someone is searching for, “Porsche 911 tyres” and you ads shows up in the search result. The user click on the ad and guess who loses the cost per click (CPC).

I clicked on the first ad !

By the way, Porsche Dubai: It’s time to change the landing page.

And Toyota Dubai: You have great offers going on. Use Negative keywords.

#5 Competitor ad: Literally, watch out for competitors ad. See who all are ranking top for which all keywords. See who is eating your online real estate. This is one way you can check who is bidding high for the what keywords. Something you can do with least knowledge on Digital campaigns.

#6 Ad Copy Offer: Making a compelling ad copy is more than just an art, there is a knack to it. Enticing offers which speaks to the right people would get you more relevant clicks to your ad and more clicks would put your ad on the top of the search result.

#7 Mobile Responsiveness: I don’t have to tell you anything about this. Mobile Revolution is over. Everything is mobile responsive now. User experience is everything. Make sure you whether Landing page is mobile responsive or not?

How to do it? — Search for your ad from your mobile — Click on the ad — See whether you find the customer journey as smooth as it is in your laptop.

#8 Conversion Path Building: 3 Click journey — That’s right. Your digital campaign is and should always be an attempt to converts visitors into a lead and then to a customer. Map a customer journey, that helps you convert them into a lead.

#9 Ghostery

#10 Ad extension

#11 Thank you Page

Bonus: 10 Common Adwords Mistakes by Kissmetrics


The above items are few of the things that affect conversion rates or leads generated from your Digital Ad Campaigns. If you have a question about things you can do to help grow your business online, leave your question in the comments or reach me at nikhil@ubrik.com