How to find Brand Authority in Your Industry/Market?

My journey as a man of digital did not start from the Business School or the marketing text books, which I had spent hours investigating. The gold medal and a tag of an “all rounder/performer of the batch” was just for show off.

I learned by running into obstacles, listening to the people (clients, customers & experts) and their everyday challenge in the pursuit of finding a perfect marketing solution.

After all those countless meetings and discussions over coffees with the marketing manager/digital marketing managers, I can confirm that you as a marketeer is definitely judged by the brand authority of your company.

So what is Brand? — Brand could seen as a set of values in the mind of any customer or person. That mean’s and I strongly uphold that, a brand is not just a brand mark or as many proudly call it, the logo. It’s an ongoing activity which involves people.

People make brand not the logo designer!!!

A brand have to be so good, that customers can’t ignore you and it should helps the sales person with sales and honestly, a brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumer tell each other it is. This where the brand game changes.

So, how can we find brand authority in your market/industry after all:

I have dissected by understanding into 3 simple elements of branding, which if done right can make your brand look class apart, those are:

  1. Expectation: Find the expectations of your ideal customer from your brand/solution and address just that. This is crucial because a proper research on this would open door to 80% of your brand’s existing problem. [There are processes to get this done, persona creation, keyword analysis, historical data are to name a few]
  2. Experience: Customer experience is the key to brand building. Without a proper protocol and plan for brand experience, the brand would face challenges time to time and stumble big time. Marketing communication plays a very crucial role here and so does the digital marketing content. This is a huge topic to be discussed in person.
  3. Promise: Deliver what the brand promise and promise only what the brand can deliver.

Consistency is Crucial !

Digital Branding:

If you understand and can adhere to the elements of the branding in digital space, then digital branding is not rocket science. Content is King, Propagation is Queen and Conversions are Babies.

All we need to accept is that, the way people communicate have changed, Social media communication have taken a large leap and it’s very important that the brand to these threes elements in online world as well. If you don’t talk to them where they are asking then that tarnishes your brand and you lose an opportunity. People don’t like when they are ignored when they ask.

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