Why is your website not bringing you any business?

How to bring the right traffic to your website and improve the company’s revenue?

Hello reader,

You are here for only one reason, you want to make your company’s website a lead generating, brand yelping and money making hub. I can show you where to start.

Your website is an investment, not an expense.
You should not matter what, demand for an ROI from your website.

Watch out for the bolded and italicized words from here on, they are the reason why your website is not bringing you any business.

Tip 1: Create a website that converts — Use simple & clear navigation, write effective & meaningful headlines, so that people never get lost on your website and determine at least one Calls to Action with a proper form and landing page behind it. Now try and make all of that Mobile Responsive.

According to a Case Study done by Kiss-metrics, Making Calls to Action more Prominent increases Conversions-591%

Tip 2: Unclear Target Audience — It’s all about you on your website. When people come to your site, they just want to know one thing. How can you help them?

Figure out what keeps your customer up at night, what their pains are and what can you solve for them — Address those on your website!

Google now places more of their algorithm strength on social signals like engagement, comments, sharing the content, how long are they staying on your page or scrolling down your page of your blog and things like whether they are watching an entire video or not? Focusing on your niche and building a tribe is the solution to this problem.

Read more on : How to Identify Your Online Target Audience and Sell More Here.

Tip 3: Post fresh content — Outdated Content repels the good web traffic to your website. Google loves fresh content and so do people who would visit your website. People who would revisit would definitely want to see fresh content.

Tip 4: Sales Nurturing — Some people aren’t ready to buy from you yet. As many as 96% of people who come to your website today are just looking, they are researching whatever it is that they are not ready to buy. Honestly, they will probably forget unless you give them a reason to come back . Not Nurturing Cold Leads is a big problem. Get your prospects email address, help them to make decision through continuous online nurturing. There are ways to do it.

Tip 5: Search Engine Optimization — Brian Dean, the co-founder of Backlinko explains this. Watch this video before you move on to the next tip. Thank me later.

Tip 7: Post and share on social media, get referrals and email — People can land on your website from numerous other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other popular sites. Leverage those platforms to drive traffic to your website. Email marketing is a bonus activity to improve the web traffic.

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Tip 8: Refraining from Paid Advertising — A proper digital campaign can cost a lot but done properly can directly improve your website traffic and in turn with leads, the business revenue. Paid Advertising is our bread and butter. We know all the possible way a digital campaign can go wrong. I come across tons of online campaign in a day and wonder why they waste money by doing the paid advertising wrong. I can show you what are you doing wrong with your current digital marketing ad campaigns? (soon in an another article) If you are currently running any lead generation or brand awareness ad campaigns, let me know about and I will tell you what’s wrong.


  1. Social media Icons (in your header) — Use social widgets instead.
  2. Obvious stock photos — Get authentic photos on your website.
  3. Email links — Use email forms instead, it’s trackable!
  4. Disable YouTube suggested videos from your video.
  5. Your website asks for too much information in the form fields.


The above items are just a few of the things that affect conversion rates or leads generated from your website. If you have a question about things you can do to help grow your business online, leave your question in the comments or reach me at nikhil@ubrik.com