#NewsForKids podcasts — Listen to the complete series here

‘News For Kids’ is an Indian first — a podcast series I’ve created for Indian kids anywhere in the world. These are mostly conversations between a grown up and a child on topics that mainstream print and broadcast media dish out in ways that are beyond the understanding of school children. #NewsForKids is my answer. Play it at bedtime or on a road trip and before you know it, you’ll have a great conversation going. Enjoy, share and join our WhatsApp group! Message me with your number on this page .

1. 2017 July: Where in the world is Doklam?

2. 2017 July: Why is she bald?

3. 2017 August: What is a hashtag?

4. 2017 August: Watch Wonder Woman, you’ll love it

5. 2017 August: I am an Indian, I live in America, am I a migrant?

6. 2017 August: Where is Guam?

7. 2017 August: Will Kim Jong Un attack?

8. 2017 August: Encephalitis in Gorakhpur

9. 2017 August: Doklam for Kids Part 2

10. 2017 August: India for Millennials — The Mobile Phone in the 90s

11. 2017 August: #SwachhBharat — More trash cans, please

12. 2017 August: A girl named Nozomi

13. 2017 September: Brace for more super storms!

14. 2017 September: What’s an algorithm?

15. 2017 September: What’s HYGGE?

16. 2017 September: Electric cars in India

17. 2017 September: Good robot, bad robot

18. 2017 September: Seed versus soil

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