There is no such thing as “free” vaccines: Why we rejected Pfizer’s donation offer of pneumonia…
MSF Access Campaign

I’ve written a detailed paper on something similar to this that’s in review right now. 
It’s very good business practice to do this. Even in the developed world, one of the most used tactics by pharmaceutical sales reps is to give doctors “free samples” of medications. It influences doctors’ practices; you’re more likely to use drugs you’ve used in the past. Most hospitals/docs loathe to let stock go to waste. 
It’s also a huge tax break. They can claim the full price that they “gave to charity” even though the vulnerable groups they’re selling to could never afford them (or on the other hand, when it comes out to be a net profit in the long run if it outcompetes their opposition). 
It just goes to show, think deeply about what large corporations do and why. is a watchdog of sorts that puts together campaigns and fight legal battles against some, but again, don’t follow those blindly either. Sometimes, they get too zealous and are just looking for any scalp they can get, even if they’re actually doing good.

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