( The following poem explores inertia, anatomy, emotion, bliss, sorrow, and its consequential effects on human physiology, and psychology, from birth till death.)

Entering Existence

Melancholic my spine

Inertia settling in

Bit by bit

Fingers hurt

Head on a trip

Something takes over, dehydrated my lip

Bombs all around, unable to hear their sound

Knees buckle over

Knives sting my tears

Blue red lights, a faint sensation in my ears

Melancholic my eyes, at the loss of years

A slow, and steady pain

My gut twists in vain

I cannot tell the difference

Be it thunder or rain

Try to fold my palm

Unable to withstand “alarm”

Body in shock

Brain in denial

Head about to spin

I manage a weak grin

Trying to make sense

My lungs very tense

Opaque each lens

Breathe in. Breathe out

Unable to squeak or shout

Silence and steady hymns

The light slowly dims

I feel distraught

Spirit chained and fraught

Lie humbled in thought

Draw a big blank

No point swimming ashore, drown beneath this plank

The clock ticks a lot

Conscience sold and bought

Useless memories start to form

Minutes sum up the norm

Of choices made in past

Melancholic all at last

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