A layer of glass that is so transparent is, yet, opaque enough to separate two completely different worlds- The Poor and the Well-off. We live in a world virtually so well-connected, yet emotionally so far apart, so vibrant, yet so indifferent.

Sitting in a restaurant, I caught a glimpse of a poor young girl staring into its transparent glass, watching the guests enjoying their meal, probably hoping to have something for herself. Numerous guests began to take notice of her. One of them complained to the manager trying to convince him to get rid of her. I was of the view that the manager would scold her away.

To my surprise, he brought her in and offered her some food. She ate like a baby starved of milk, smiling at us occasionally, her surprise and shock so palpable on her face. The manager received a thunderous applause from the people while the complainant was totally embarrassed. She hugged him tightly, tears rolling down her cheeks, thanking him for his kindness and ran away. I couldn’t help but notice that anemic figure wane into the same indifferent crowd, edging her way forward through people trying to resist any proximity.

We come across many such incidents daily. Sometimes, we notice. Often times, we chose not to. We may choose to forget the incident, but it has a lasting impact on us. All the guests there in the restaurant would most definitely be reminded of the human gesture to which the were a witness when they come across such a situation anytime here on. It is an experience that will subconsciously inform their decisions, which in the future might be worth cherishing for other people.

What is far more significant is how these gestures impact our personality involuntarily.A few human gestures here and there is all that is required to connect with people whom we call “strangers”. It makes us more compassionate and re-affirms our faith in mankind. At least, it did that to me.

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