Odoo Version 12 New Features..!

Nikhil Krishnan
Aug 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Odoo always try to improve the service and quality of the odooERP,.!

Yes..! The Latest version of Odoo 12 will be released soon.

Here i try to mention some points of what we can expect to find in the Odoo 12. Odoo R&D team hardly try to improve and give us the best..!

1) Document management system (DMS)

Odoo try introduce a very good and advanced DMS.

The tweet from odoo R&D


Check the tweet by Fabrice Henrion (@fheodoo)

2) New extra fields introduce in user form

User type is the new field.

  • Internal user
  • Portal
  • Public
User Type

3) HR User Application Access

In HR users have a new type other than User and Manager, that is Equipment Manager. In Odoo V11 bellow all users is employee in HR, But in V12 it is no there.

4) Discuss channel Modification

In the log or chatter under the records, you can drag and drop the attachments directly to the chatterbox.

Drag and drop attachments directly.

4-b) notify when someone is writing

dynamic notification when someone writing something to you. In both Odoo Livechat, and Odoo Discuss notify you when someone is typing…

live chat notification when someone typing
discuss notification when someone typing

The tweet from odoo R&D


5) Odoo Leave management

Support of paid time off accrual like vacation sick etc…

Leaves in days half days or hours and set accrual limits support negative too.

Leave management validation is double validation HR and manager.

Also the timesheet generation in a PTO project is automated.

The tweet from odoo R&D


6) Moderator in Odoo discuss channel

In Projects you can enable the moderation then you can see the new tab for the moderation.

Tab for Moderation
Moderation Message in Queue

The tweet from odoo R&D


7) Payment Acquirer

New payment acquirers are introduced — Altpay, Alipay


8) Data entry efficiency

Faster data entry with the pictures in the side of the screen for the Expense.

Expense image in the right side.

The tweet from odoo R&D


9) Keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcut everything with ‘Alt’ .

The tweet from odoo R&D


10) Financial Reports

Multi-filter and multi-groups in financial reports

P&L Report with Applicable Filters

The tweet from odoo R&D


11) Menus are now keyboard accessible

We can access the menus through our keyboards, it will help to increase the speed of accessing odoo ERP.

12) Odoo Studio get more updated

Drag and drop the fields in the form view. It will very helpful to the end-users to change the view style.

Studio can edit UI of the form view

12-b) Report Designer

Report Designer (Odoo Studio):- Functional people can edit and style reports using the Odoo studio and easier than ever.

13) Social media shares — SEO

We can choose the image that displays on post when website page is shared on social medias like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

The tweet from odoo R&D


13-b) Multi-Website

Odoo supports multiple website for a company.

14) Cohort and Dashboard

New views are introduced in odoo. we can add it to all models.

15) Online Signature

You can now require both an online signature and a payment in order to confirm a quotation.

online signature

16) Product Category

Possible to set put away strategy based on product category as well as product.

The tweet from odoo R&D


Test the community and enterprise versions of odoo12 from runboot.

The alpha versions are released.




Nikhil Krishnan

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Blockchain and Odoo-ERP developer. I started my career as a Python developer. Working as Odoo ERP developer But my curious mind caught up in the Blockchain too.

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